Robyn Matthews, 24, Photographer


“Jacqueline is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She guided me through healthy meal plans and a diet that was completely new to me. I was able to overcome the “need” for sugar and gluten in my diet and I noticed a difference in my overall health. Jacqueline took the time to answer any questions that I had and was able to accommodate my lifestyle”

Katrina Salisbury, 25, Actress

A couple of years ago, I was having severe stomach problems. Always sick to my stomach, bloating, etc. I for the life of me could not figure out what was going on, as it had come out of no where, and most doctors couldn’t figure it out. I was visiting Jacqueline one weekend, and told her everything that was going on. She was wonderful! Listened to all the problems I was having and explained to me why this might be happening because of my diet. She made my meals that whole weekend, and to my amazing surprise, no bloating and no nausea! Jacqueline wrote me a full list of recipes, that helped me get back to normal. It focused on whole, natural ingredients, but also factored in the fact that I am a type one diabetic, so it was completely catered to me! It made me feel extremely cared for and looked after. I cannot recommend Jacqueline enough. She is a wonderful nutritionist and fabulous woman!

Leanna Milburn, 29, Indigenous Relations


Jacqueline took the time to ask me questions to really understand the numerous limitations that I was facing with my nutrition planning. She managed to build a fantastic diet plan that fell within my wide ranging food sensitivities while also accommodating my preference to eat mostly vegetarian. She also took my budget into consideration in the development of my meal plan, which was greatly appreciated! Her dedicated follow-up helped me to adjust to a new way of eating. She is truly committed to her clients’ success and I would highly recommend her to anyone embarking on journey towards healthier eating!

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